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Welcome to The Candle Hut Suffolk.

Launched in 2023 the Candle Hut started about five years ago as a creative project and has now tuned into an e-commerce business, with great pride in sourcing sustainable, vegan, recyclable and biodegradable products where we can.

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mushroom _ box_ good_edited.jpg
mushroom _ box_ good_edited.jpg


We specialise in hand poured, hand crafted 30cl Candles and tea lights. our innovative packaging is made from agricultural by - products and mycelium (mushrooM roots) grown especially to create the ultimate protective shield for your candles in transit. All our wax is vegan friendly and a smooth and creamy plant based wax. Finally our postal boxes are biodegradable and recyclable- The ultimate green packaging solutions! We are dedicated to making our products accessible for everyone.

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No candle is complete without a safety label. You will find yours on the bottom of the 30cl Lottie candle and on the packaging for the tea lights.

Please Please never leave a candle un attended or burning... safety first! our 30cl candles have an approx burn time for 38-40hours while our tea lights can burn between 3-4 hours. 

All of our 30cl candles come fitted with a natural ash veneer lid to keep your candle clean at all times.When you first light your candle always burn it for 2-3 hours as this will prevent the candle getting a build up of wax around the glass and will ensure you have an even burn.

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